A/C Service - $59.95

Need AC Service?

 We service all makes and models of AC units. If you need service call the number above. We can usually have a technician there within 3 hours. All parts and labor are guaranteed 

It is important to have your AC unit checked by a professional at least once a year. Proper maintenance of your unit will cut an air conditioner's operating cost by 10 percent or more and provide more cooling capacity. 

Tune up, Inspection and maintenance points

Pressure and Fluids

  • Operating pressures and amount of refrigerant .
  • Low and high pressure switches
  • Drain line 


  • Amperage on all motors
  • High and low voltage
  • Air wires and connection


  • Super heat
  • Sub cooling
  • MFD on all start and run capacitors 


  •  Thermostat operation
  •  Condensing coils 
  •  Evaporative coil 
  •  Blower wheel and fan blade 


  • Split between return and supply air
  • Duct work
  • Filters


 Additional parts, labor and freon extra